Apparel Connection & Factory Compliance

To follow all our customer’s Social Compliance requirements and Code of Conduct, Apparel Connection has implemented a World Class Social Compliance program following the Vendor Code of Conducts of Leading Retailers, Distributors and Importers, which we implement with all our manufacturers.

These are managed through a series of factory evaluations (FE), Audits and monthly follow-up visits by the Quality Assurance Managers & Compliance Manager.

We have implemented a Compliance Team that ensures that all manufacturers and Factories are compliant with:

  • Social Compliance
  • Quality Compliance
  • Process Compliance
  • CT-PAT Compliance
  • WRAP Compliance
  • SEDEX Compliance

Criteria for adding a New Manufacturer in Matrix:

  • Factory must be Compliant / Approved with WRAP, SEDEX.
  • Factory must be enrolled and compliant with all the Labor, Social and Business Laws of Pakistan.
  • Factory must pass Apparel Connection's Initial Compliances Audit.
  • Factory must follow the Code of Conduct for all Apparel Connection Buyers.
  • Factory must have a facility that is up to the security and safety parameters of C-TPAT Program.